Suffolk Heroes

Friday, February 22, 2019

December 2018 while union member Stacey Pagano driving for Suffolk Transportation taking Longwood Elementary children home, a First grader sitting in the second seat against the window with a scarf around her neck was being choked. Two children same age sitting in the seat behind her were reaching in the space between the seats pulling on the scarf tightening it around the child’s neck unaware that they were actually choking the child. Children made the bus driver aware that the little girl was choking. Driver Stacey Pagano immediately pulled the bus over called in the emergency and with the child blue and starting to go unconscious loosened the scarf. The child was rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital where she was kept overnight. Without the fast actions of Driver Stacey Pagano this 6 year old child would not have been alive today.

Wednesday February 20, 2019 while Suffolk Transit Operator Elizabeth Rucker Olivera was out on her route at 6:30am with a temperature of about 27 degrees she noticed a child about 3 years old outside without any shoes or socks in just a t shirt and underwear screaming. She immediately pulled over called the police took the child out of the cold and waited for the police to arrive. This 3year old was left in his home alone. Without her being so observant to her surroundings this child may have suffered a much worse outcome. The child was placed with CPS.

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