Heroes at Transdev

Monday, December 17, 2018

On the night of November 19th in the mechanics shop at Transdev Frantz Ceteoute was working on the tire of a bus when the bellows gave out. The bus collasped onto Frantz's head. It was the prompt response with jacks and forklifts by his fellow mechanics that saved his life. We commend the following for their quick and heroic actions:

Angel Gonzales, Dashea Cooper, Michael Pizzuto, Paul Scott, Norman Labossiere,  Santhos Rajenedran, Aaron Jaffar, Benny Russell, Serge Toussaint, Shane Williams, Eddy Francois, Steven Kelly, Gregory Blunt, Robert Sutton, Ed Carpio. (Some not pictured)

Frantz Ceteoute is now in recovery.

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